Sunday, 13 September 2015

Impression- He Fixed the Match she fixed him by Shikha Kumar

The title and the chapter is your hint to what lies ahead.

Like the title, the novel is, simply worded, story of two characters. Obviously with a typical Indian family, to support the character's movements.

You find an inkling, the correct cords tauten with curiosity, to know what lies ahead, in this emotional, romance drama. What happens between these two, strong and stubborn characters, HE and SHE.

They have a history, where one has hurt the other, intentionally or unintentionally will be known only if one gets their hands on the book.

As the characters, Shreya and Kunal are 'strong', neither is ready to take it lying low. One revenge prompts the other, and the saga continues.

To find out the offence and the defense, grab the novel. Easy expressions, detailed description that helps you imagine the characters move in front of your eyes.
Or, if you prefer to literally see the movements, you could catch the upcoming movie! 

My romance drama, would take a couple of sequels, ya the length!!! 

Want to feel the romance and sparks between two people, who are hell bent on hating each other? Read the book, it will make you happy!

Happy times ahead, because...its time to read!!!  

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