Monday, 19 October 2015

My take- The Shadow of the Dark Soul by Sukhmani Gandhi

The 5 star rating is on the following criteria:

  Story/Concept/Plot        * 
Characterisation          *
Language/Expression       *
Entertainment/Message     *
Publishing (job done or not)  *

The Shadow of the Dark Soul is a novella. A short and quick read.

The story of Zayesha skims over the prevalent issues of sexual abuse of women and men, and several others. The topics less discussed or treated with 'it happens' attitude are presented to us to ponder over. Most of the 'cases' which were in lime light, whose occurrences have rocked and shocked the society have been woven into the fast paced narrative.

The book highlights several scenarios of sexual abuse that have happened/happens in public, personal, marital or in the work space and its few consequences. Consequences which mostly no one manages to find out.

The read reminds you of all that you have read in papers in past years, dreaded and questioned how safe is this civilized society, and then forgotten.

Zayesha's journey from a young, independent, sensitive career focused women, to a confused member of society, to an example and hope of change is fast paced.

The present generation, with no time ('as a rule') should read this book, just to stay informed. Its short and sums it all up in one place. A good and much needed effort by the author.

Reading was a rocky experience for me though. There were some glaring spelling errors. In some places, it felt like reading a news paper article. The latter part of the book seems to be in a hurry to be concluded. The expressions irked and narration seemed patchy in a few places.

I rate it  ***1/2 on the above criteria.

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