Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Take- #Iam16icanrape by Kirtida Gautam

The 5 star rating is on the following criteria:

  Story/Concept/Plot        * 
Characterisation          *
Language/Expression       *
Entertainment/Message     *
Publishing (job done or not)  *

The novel, #Iam16icanrape is a work of fiction. It deals with the psychological aspect of rape. Be it the mind-set of the criminal, the survivor or the people associated with both the parties. It specifically talks about the loop-hole in our judicial system regarding juveniles.

The story is definitely inspired from real life incidents. I am sure the author was prompted by the heinous atrocities prevalent and enraging society.
The story, narration is gripping and well presented. The language keeps one interested. The book is quite detailed, talks about the incident and subsequent effects from the perspective of all the major characters. Author has put in sufficient build up, has tried to shock the reader with her vivid and meticulous descriptions.
The chapter arrangement of the book is intriguing, the story starts from the ninth chapter and keeps hopping from one to next. The start is racy, building up the right curiosity and interest in the reader.
The characterisation is good and they talk about their impressions, feelings in detail, but one doesn’t get too many answers and the questions keep multiplying, leading to the book losing pace in the middle, instigating to skip to end. According to chapter numbers, these are the preliminary chapters that come in the middle of the book.
The court scenes were interesting, but few more sessions would have been welcome. 
The psychological study of the issue is fascinating. At some places though it becomes technical and an effort for the reader to understand. By the time they are explained, as the book has already dragged on for some time without answers, the inclination to try to understand also fades and one just wishes to know the end.
The overall language of the novel is gripping and witty but I was put off by the use of Hindi words, and repetitions of words. Sometimes not used correctly. There are several proof reading errors as well.
The novel points out, to deal with this phenomena of rape in society, all must take responsibility. 
It must be read because it talks of an important issue and any awareness and discussion is call of the hour. The best part being it has been brought to us in a very interesting form via this book.
Some editing would go a long way in making it appealing to the younger age group who might get intimidated with the size.

On the above criteria I rate it ***1/2

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  1. Thanks for this detailed analysis of the book Priyanka.

    1. Welcome, looking forward to read more of yr works

    2. Welcome, looking forward to read more of yr works