Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My Take - Yama by Kevin Missal

The 5 star rating is on the following criteria:

  Story/Concept/Plot             * 
Characterisation                   *
Language/Expression           *
Entertainment/Message        *
Publishing (job done or not)  *

If you grew up on regular dosage of Sherlock Holmes and Byomkesh Bakshi, you will instantly identify with Iravan and his geeky and resourceful assistant Vardhaan. But that's where the resemblance ends.

The novel explores the big question;  evil with an intention of good, can it be called evil?

That is what has been told in story of Iravan Rajpoot.

His past and present has led to this interesting story, woven along are the various atrocities prevalent in society. 

An ex-commander of Indian Army, he has been chosen as the protagonist, for a reason. His ticking mind, is thrown challenges one after another to save lives - of chosen civilians, and Vardhaan tries to help him do so. 
The civilians, representatives of the society, and Iravan a man in conflicts because he wants to see a change, in himself, in his surroundings. 

Does Iravan succeed in beating the evil villain?

The story interweaves, today's society and its concerns, crimes, with mythology and has sufficient sprinkling of spicy thrills.
Yama is a page-turner, written in a way to keep the reader hooked. I was happy to see, despite various plots and sub-plots, the author never slackened his hold on his characters and their actions.

Each chapter begins and ends with lines that push you to the edge, making keeping down the book difficult. It definitely makes an interesting read. A journey you would not regret, if you choose to undertake.

In not too many words, but many chapters a complex story has been woven.

In some places, narration does seem rushed. Too much pruning, has somehow stunted the growth. The author could have taken some time to add on to the thrills of action, and could have played with a little more emotion and dilemma of the protagonist, given his family background that has been created. A little unbelievable was Yama's agile action, given the end. (Don't want spoilers.)  

I had expected the end to be a little more adrenaline rushing, but it turned out weak.  It could be because of the persistent confusion that we all have; is fighting evil with evil, right?

There were minor proofreading/printing glitches in few places, that can be easily rectified in the next editions.

On the above mentioned criteria I rate it ***1/2.

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