Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Take - Shamsuddin's Grave The story of a homeless by Paromita Goswami

The 5 star rating is on the following criteria:

Story/Concept/Plot               * 
Characterisation                   *
Language/Expression           *
Entertainment/Message        *
Publishing (job done or not)  *

Shamsuddin's Grave is a narration, the story of a man who wishes to live with his family and lives a life to fulfill just that dream. His background, his homeland, the place where he lives, his place in social ladder are the hurdles in his quest. The story moves from Shamsuddin to Latika who brings in diverse issues in the picture, her career, her love, her past, her ambition, her drive to help, these, takes the story in a journey of many twists and sub-lanes.  

The opening chapter had me intrigued, so did the chapters where the characters interacted and had conversation. When the story turned into a narrative, it dragged.   

There are several interesting sub-plots but I felt they were only superficially explored. Latika's past, or when she is itching to help out the girl in the slum, would have made a very interesting read, had they been dealt with the flare that the author showed in the opening scenes, or the flood scene. But they have been reported to the reader rendering good ideas lacklustre and making them fizzle out.

At some places the author does manage to strum the right chords in the reader, hence the loss of various opportunities in the many sub-plots disappoints. 

However, I look forward to reading more from the author, because what I liked of the book, I would definitely want to read more.    

There were several editing negligence and proofreading errors.

On the above mentioned criteria, I rate it **

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